Sunday, August 8, 2010

Waiting for a train...

Theres a quote from the movie Inception that particularly stuck out to me today while watching it for the third time. Its one of the quotes thats repeated a couple different times through the movie, presumably to emphasize its importance in the story. It goes like this,

"You're waiting for a train,
A train that will take you far away.
You know where you hope this train will take you,
But you can't be sure.
But it doesn't matter - because we'll be together"

Of course, the quote really only makes sense within the context of the movie , but regardless it kind of made me think of how I view my beliefs and my relationship with God. All my ideas about God, how He made life to be lived, how He saves our souls from darkness and lifts us all to eternal life, represents where I hope the "train" of destiny will take me.

But...I can't be sure. No matter how much faith or conviction I may have (or seem to have) I can't be sure how my story or the human story in general will turn out. I just have, what I feel, is a well-founded and thought out hope. And therefore it sort of bewilders me how many religious people can go through life and tout their beliefs as if there isn't a chance in Hades they could be wrong. They never seem to wonder if perhaps they are the ones in err while the opposition they so openly criticize are the ones who are correct. Perhaps the "Hell" that fundamentalists spend their time cosigning everyone of different faiths to is actually the "Hell" that awaits those very fundamentalists? Who is to say? I hope it is neither. But I think if each one of us were honest, we could only call our beliefs a hope that we cant be sure of. A very strong hope...but a hope none the less.

Anyway, as the last line of the quote says, It doesn't matter - because we'll be together. Which to me means that no matter what the truth is and where it leads me, my firm belief is that God will be right there beside me, whatever the outcome of my life or this universe is. And as I read that line again I think it also has another meaning to me as well; that we, as in all humanity, will be together. Whatever God has in store, I believe we will be together in that grand experience, reflecting on our lives and the journey that God brought us through both consciously and many times, subconsciously.