Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finite sins against an infinite God

In Christianity, you will often hear something like this,

our finite sins deserve infinite punishment, because they are against an infinite God

Though I have already talked a lot about God's Justice in a previous blog, this particular belief continues to boggle my mind. As humans, we can neither physically see, touch, or prove God and/or His truths...yet He supposedly thinks we deserve unending punishments for temporary mess ups? Why would a perfect God be even less understanding than a human?

Were we not born into sin by no fault of our own? If it is anyones fault, it is Adams...but even he was tempted by the Devil that GOD (yes, God) created. So from the very start, our "free" will has been at the mercy of forces and situations completely beyond our control. And all of these things have been allowed by God for some purpose(s), so how would it be sensable for God to hold us, imperfect beings by nature, forever accountable for the situations he placed us in? It makes no sense at all.

And it is curious indeed, that no scripture (that Ive ever come across) teaches such a bleak truth. No where is sin against God described as needing infinite punishment, solely just because God is infinite. The Bible simply describes the penality for sin as "death" (Ro. 6:23). And whether it is a physical or spiritual death described here(I would say both), it doesnt seem to imply the merit of infinite punishment we supposedly deserve.

On a final note, it is often said that Jesus paid the price for our sins, that he took our punishment for us. This goes along with the prophecy in Isaiah 53:5, which says,
But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities;

Yet we also say that we all deserve an infinite period of suffering because of our sin. Using the same logic however, we would have to assume that Christ suffered infinitely in order to pay the infinite debt we incurred. But, as any Christian can tell you, Jesus rose again just 3 days after death...he did not experience infinite suffering for one persons sins against God, let alone the whole world's sin!

So there is apparently a big hole in our theology


  1. Regardless of the reasoning, if a god demanded eternal punishment for any being for any reason than he/she/it would be operating from a totally different moral dimension than the one we exist in. Therefore we could not have a morality grounded in said god and could make no moral decisions based on his/her/it's revelation.

  2. I think ive heard you say that before and thats true in essence. but if were made in Gods likeness and image, it wouldnt make a whole lot of sense for said God to be operating on an ENTIRELY different system of morality.

    God could do anything he liked because he is God, yes. but I cant imagine a God that is greater than me but is less understanding and mericful than my own heart/mind. I couldnt worship that God. God would have to be much more mature and planned than I can ever imagine

    I think God can be greater and beyond us without being totally alien to us

  3. HA! Glad I could contribute in the form of verse.

  4. Sometimes the things you say are extremely difficult for me to grasp, Soto.

    Like... I get it, but I have no reaction to it. All of this makes me think no one really has any idea, and we're all just shooting in the dark trying to hit the right place.

  5. Im sorry man...if you want sometime I can try to break things down. I have a tendency to rattle off how i feel about things as if they are as obvious to everyone else as they are to me...but its a process ive gone through of thinking about things so I would assume everyone has their own journey as far as that goes.

    Its not that no one "has any idea" its simply that we cannot grasp the fullness of God or what he wants for us...its just not possible. if he wanted us to understand that he exists and everything about him clear as day...we would. but we obviously he doesnt want us to have such clarity this side of the grave

    I think all God expects of you, me and or just to piece together the evidence the best one can. its not so much a matter of "whos right about everything and whos wrong about everything" just have to let God guide you to understand what you feel hes trying to show you for today. as the bible says...dont worry about tommorw, today has enough troubles (mat 7 something). Thats all one can do and it can be a wonderful process if you let it be.

    hope that helps

  6. Law means "aim"
    Sin means "miss the mark"
    That's what man does Miss the mark.
    Thank God the Bible gives us the ability to
    aim at something and hit the target.
    Keep our eyes on the target Jesus and His Word.

    Life aionian for those who love the truth.
    All others will believe mistranslations of the Devil and lies and miss out on some really great

    God Bless,
    Your brother Mark